Shipping policy


All orders are processed within 2-4 business days after being placed. You'll receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. We are proud to offer free worldwide standard shipping on all orders.

How long does shipping take? 

Shipping time varies by location and depends on your shipping option selected. We offer 2 different types of shipping options:



Standard Shipping

5.20USD (free shipping above $35 orders!!!)

Express Shipping












United States

5-8 Business days


8-10 Business days


3-5 Business days

Germany, France, Italy, Spain

5-8 Business days

Netherlands, Austria, Poland

6-8 Business days





United States

7-12 Business days


8-15 Business days

European Countries, UK

7-10 Business days

Australia, New Zealand, Oceania

7-10 Business days

Mexico, Central America, South America

12-20 Business days

United Arab Emirates, Asia, Africa

12-20 Business days 

For further inquiries, you can simply click on 'CONTACT US' or email us to check on the status of your item. 


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: In some cases, shipping may take longer due to various factors (ie; time of year order placed such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and other major holidays). 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Orders CANNOT be canceled after a confirmation email has been sent to the customer. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to give one of our items as a holiday gift, we do not recommend buying the items during the month when the holiday is happening. There is a risk of the item not arriving there on time. We are not held responsible for items that do not arrive before specified dates.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Any change of address once the item has been shipped out, will not be entertained. So, please carefully enter your address and please make sure it is in ENGLISH.

Countries & Charges

  • Our order processing and shipping procedures are split into two steps.

Order Processing: This is when we prepare your order for shipment. This entails checking the stock of your order, in some cases securing more stock, and ends with a thorough product quality inspection check.

Shipping: This is when your order leaves our warehouse and heads to you! Shipping time can vary depending on your location and shipping method.

  • See below for more details on some of the main countries we ship to!

This information is estimated based on data accumulated from past orders.

Currency can be displayed in a variety of currencies, but all orders will be transacted in US Dollars by your credit card company upon completion of your purchase, and then converted to your local currency. Non-US Dollar order totals shown during checkout are only estimates of the final amount based on recent currency conversion rates and exclude taxes, duties, levies or tariffs that may be imposed. If items are returned, a refund will be credited back in US Dollars at the current exchange rate.

Shipping and Customs FAQ

  • What if I need to change my order?

Reach out to our customer service team at and we’ll see what we can do! Please note: we can't always correct user errors made at checkout, but we will do all we can to rectify any issues.

  • Are Taxes and Customs Duties included in the checkout?

Taxes and customs duties are not included in checkout. When the package arrives in your country, the delivery company will contact you in regard to the amount of taxes/duty you will be responsible for.

  • My product was lost in transit. What should I do?

We're so sorry to hear that! Reach out to our customer service team at and we'll try to locate it for you. Please note: we are not responsible for items lost in transit, but we’re happy to help you look for your package.

  • I accidentally shipped my order to the wrong address - What should I do?

If you notice that your order is going to the wrong address after it has shipped, and is being shipped via UPS, we recommend logging into UPS and re-routing the shipment via their portal. This is the best way to guarantee the shipment gets to the proper address. If that is not an option, give us a shout at and our customer service team will do what they can to help. Please note: we can't always correct user errors made at checkout, but we will do all we can to rectify any issues!